Effective staff development and retention in China starts with a deep understanding of local culture and values. Expats would do well to invest the time to understand what motivates Chinese employees, both in he workplace and in their home lives. John O'Loghlen shares a successful lesson from his company's experience in training and supporting their staff. 


Get More Hands-On and Personal 


My business partner Jade Gray has a piece on the BBC that basically talks about him going back to the home town of one of our staff when they had their five year anniversary with Gung Ho!.

It is a very hokey narrative, you are going back to someone’s hometown to kow-tow to their parents and say to them ‘I’m looking after your son or daughter when they are far away in Beijing, it is a tough place.’ This is a very personal emotion.


Relying on Research Reports and Data Isn't Enough


You will learn one hundred times more about the value of Chinese culture and running an HR department in China by watching that piece and understanding Jade’s thinking for doing it, than you will by reading a research report by one of the big consulting firms on the brain drain, and various types of Chinese, returnees, whether Chinese like them, or the Japanese do they like the Koreans, etc...''

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