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Within the plans that Chris Baker, Founder of Totem Media, creates for brands in China, Weibo and WeChat are typically a pair. 

Weibo takes a key role in building reach and WeChat is more about loyalty and acquisition. 

Chris shares insights on how companies view and use the two channels. 


What Are You Getting?


''For the moment most companies are using Weibo for reach and awareness, spreading the word for something they want to talk about. They use KOLs (key opinion leaders) to reach the broadest possible number of people.'' 

''We use WeChat to also send the same messages out. It ends up being about attracting and keeping a set of people I would describe as part of our CRM (customer relationship management) system, to engage an inform about the brand. 

''Weibo is, again, more about push and reach.'' 


Comfort with Tracking Results


''Brands are mostly comfortable with what they get with Weibo and spreading the message. It is relatively easy for them to calculate certain measures to know whether or not they are doing a good job. For example tracking the follower count or number of shares that take place when there’s a new post.'' 

''There is a certain comfort level now with those measurements. They are harder to do inside of WeChat.''


Marketers Are More Innovative on WeChat


''At the same time, some of the most aggressive marketers in China, like Nike or Xiaomi, they are adventurous and moving quickly into WeChat, where you can do more innovative things.'' 

''Until WeChat can prove that they can do a better job in terms of building awareness, I think a lot of brands will sit on the sidelines. Social, loyalty and engagement, are increasingly important, yet reach and awareness are still the measure by which they feel they can gain sales.''



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