Start Mastering Your WeChat And China Social Media Strategy
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  • Essentials of WeChat, Social Media, and E-commerce in China
  • Practical and actionable insights for SMEs and entrepreneurs
  • 26 videos in HD/SD, over one hour of content, 50+ downloadable slide deck 
  • Unlimited access anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Chris Baker is Managing Director of Totem Media and Digital Veteran for China with 15+ years on the ground
  • 7 day money back guarantee

Course Overview


  • Understand the power of WeChat
  • Map out China's Digital landscape
  • Get tips on how to approach the market

''WeChat is currently the most important social media in China and it has become the centerpiece of any good marketing effort for this market" 

                                                                                                                        -- Chris Baker, Founder & Managing Director, Totem Media


Do you want to gain a better understanding of how digital marketing works in China and possible implications and opportunities for your business?

In this course Chris Baker, a digital marketing strategist for China with 15+ years on the ground, will walk you through the essential elements of the complex China digital world, with key focus on WeChat - currently the most powerful social platform available to businesses.

The course is suitable for SME's and entrepreneurs that want to gain a first solid understanding of how to approach the market in China from a digital marketing standpoint.


We offer a 7-day money back guarantee on this course - no questions asked.

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1 Introduction
Video course icon Importance of Digital
Video course icon Quick Definitions
Video course icon The Big Numbers of Digital China
Video course icon Device Preference
2 The Digital Landscape
Video course icon How China’s Ecosystem is different
Video course icon Social Loyalty Loop
Video course icon Mapping Key Players
3 WeChat: Mobile-First App
Video course icon WeChat at a Glance
Video course icon Weibo and WeChat
Video course icon WeChat Interface
Video course icon The Power of WeChat
Video course icon Types of WeChat Accounts
Video course icon Building an Audience
Video course icon Case Studies: Nike & La Roche-Posay
Video course icon Zoom In on Travel Industry
Video course icon Strategies for Smaller Brands
4 E-commerce in China
Video course icon The Broader Ecosystem
Video course icon E-commerce in China: The ‘Main Course'
Video course icon Massive Potential of Selling Online
Video course icon Inefficiencies in Path to Purchase
Video course icon Key Role of T-Mall
5 Defining Your Strategy as a SME (Small or Medium-sized Enterprise)
Video course icon How to Approach the Market
Video course icon Positioning: Sales vs. Branding
Video course icon Complexity of the Market
Video course icon Rules of Branding in China
Video course icon Wrap up

2 Reviews

Toyna Chin
very informative! id love to see a followup as this is a few years old.
Ivano Bosio
Well done! It is indeed a very good starting point to get familiar with digital in China and especially to have an overview of WeChat tool and its potential.
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