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Working With 2000+ Brands


The big partners we work with are brands like Diesel, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Tod's  and also designer brands like Sandro, Maje, as well as some upcoming designer brands like the ones that Lafayette distributes in China.

These are some of our core partners but with more than 2000 brands it is not possible to name them all.


Fashion is 70% of our business, beauty is 20% and lifestyle is 10%. In lifestyle we offer brands that are in what we call 'home deco' or the 'experience' brands - for example, we have been selling luxury cars and luxury yachting cruises, etc.


Letting Our Customers Discover


Since the very beginning we wanted to build a platform where our members could discover new brands, new products which would help them to elevate themselves socially as well as in terms of their lifestyles.

A lot of our customers visit our site on a daily basis and they trust the products we bring to them, because many of those brands are quite niche .


Focusing On Luxury And Niche Products


We are not competing with TMall or with big platforms that have very big selections of many big brands. We have either brands that are very high-end and luxury or brands that are more niche and tailor-made for smaller audience.

We help those international brands gain awareness in China, acquire customers and discover e-commerce in China.

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