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Flash Sales vs. Group Discounts


The Groupon model is different from flash sales because in that case, they market one or two products to tens of thousands of customers, whereas our business model is about offering a lot of different SKUs (stock keeping units) in limited quantities.

We therefore provide a lot of choice and merchandise with limited quantities. 


How Works sales are on a first come first served basis. Most of our customers are real fashionistas, always interested in checking the latest unique products. 

They cannot buy every day, though we have some engaged customers who buy every week. 

What our customers like is to browse not only the products but more and more look at the content and stories that we are mixing together. That way when they see the products they like they can decide and make the purchases very fast. 


Why Flash Sales Work Well


What is interesting with flash sales is the dynamic behind it: the novelty of products coming on a daily basis, the sense of playfulness, because it’s a game: you either decide to play or buy now, or if you don't and come back an hour later, you might find the product you want is sold out.

So there is some tension in the process. People know that we have limited stocks, and that usually after the first hour all the good and fashionable pieces are sold out. This is why the model works so well.

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