In this podcast swissnex China interviews Anne-Catherine Lyon, State Councilor and Head of Department for Education, Youth and Culture, Canton de Vaud, Switzerland, during her visit to Shanghai in July 2016 [Run time:  5:55]

Though Switzerland is a small country, it has a strong educational system and is looking for new markets to share expertise and develop projects. 

Universities in Shanghai have a positive energy and are open to deepening relationships with universities internationally. 

Switzerland needs new markets, to feel useful for the rest of the world, and China is a fascinating place.

Discussions are underway toward developing joint masters degrees between three institutions in three counties, including Switzerland and China. 

Such study abroad opportunities are becoming increasingly important as a way for Swiss and Chinese students to exchange cultural understanding, learn from each other and create new forms of collaboration.  

Find out more about the Canton de Vaud Department for Education, Youth and Culture

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