Opportunities for Swiss Universities and Institutes in China
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  • swissnex China on-demand course targeting Swiss universities and institutes
  • Based on swissnex reports published on the education sector in China
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Course Overview

The decision to enter the Chinese market as a Swiss university or institute can be daunting at first. 

Where do I start?
How do I find a partner?
What is competition like? Where is my niche?
How can I generate revenue?
What are the differences in terms of working with Chinese students and faculty?
Where should I set up?
What are the risks? 

Such questions are normal. 

The team at swissnex China faces them all the time from Swiss startups, large companies, regional delegations and academic partners looking toward the Chinese market.  

This on-demand course is tailored to administrators and faculty of Swiss universities who are considering China as a new market but unsure how to take the next step. It's based on reports published by swissnex China and the Swiss Embassy to help you navigate the Chinese market. 

It also aims to save you time and money by providing information you would collect on your first fact-finding trip to China. With this knowledge in mind you can then prepare your next visit and meetings in China to go deeper and generate even greater results.  

Speakers include: 

Liu Chenchen, Project Officer, Science, Technology & Education Section, Swiss Embassy, China

Chenchen is a Project Officer at the Swiss Embassy in China's Scientific Section, responsible for public relations, events management, planning for delegations, and monitoring the education, research and innovation sectors in China for Swiss stakeholders. Before joining the Embassy, she held positions with UNHCR in Beijing. Chenchen earned her Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Beijing Foreign Studies University. 


Linda Lou, Project Leader, Academic Relations, swissnex China

Linda is the Project Leader in Academic Relations at swissnex China. She is responsible for developing relationships between Swiss and Chinese partners across universities and research institutions. She also manages the Swiss university alumni network and Sino-Swiss academia community. Previously, she worked in Chinese and European universities in marketing communication and international relations. Linda holds a Masters Degree in Law from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and a Masters Degree in International Relations from Waseda University, Japan. 


Pascal Marmier, Vice Consul General (Innovation) & CEO, swissnex China

Pascal Marmier is the director of swissnex China, the outpost for science and technology in China with offices and representatives in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. He is keenly interested in building partnerships and cooperation in all technology fields among the players in innovation (university, government entities, entrepreneurs).

Previously Pascal spent 12 years as part of swissnex Boston. Joining the founding team, he led the development of the “innovation and entrepreneurship” part of the organization before becoming Director and Consul for 4 years.

A generalist with MBA from MIT Sloan and an early career as a Swiss and US corporate transaction lawyer, Pascal developed a passion and keen understanding for science, technology and innovation. Working as an entrepreneur within a government context, he is an expert at transforming ideas into action and pursuing a bold vision to explore the potential of sharing knowledge and developing relationships. 

 Ask questions about this course and comment directly to swissnex China by emailing Ms. Chenchen Liu at [email protected] 

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1 Why Should I Consider China?
Video course icon Today's Favorable Policy Framework
Video course icon Importance of China Experience for Your Students and Faculty
Video course icon Major Business Opportunities
Video course icon German Case Study
Video course icon Dutch Case Study
Video course icon Finnish Case Study
2 The Higher Education Landscape in China
Video course icon Introduction to the Chinese System of Higher Education
Video course icon Higher Education Reform: What’s New and Important?
Video course icon Models of Cooperation
Video course icon Key Players in UAS Reform
3 Success Stories
Video course icon Canton de Vaud
Video course icon Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)
Video course icon University of St. Gallen
Video course icon University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)
Video course icon Lessons Learned
4 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Video course icon What Are The Language and Cultural Barriers?
Video course icon How Do I Check the Reputation and Quality of a Partner Institution?
Video course icon How Much Government Relations Will It Involve?
5 Your Next Steps
Video course icon Deciding How To Invest Your Resources
Video course icon Choose the Right Location For You
Video course icon Approaching and Assessing Potential Partners
6 How Can swissnex China Help Me?
Video course icon What We Do; Where We Are; How To Find Us
Video course icon Our Services

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swissnex China
Very useful course. Thanks to the team for making it available online!
Christoph Stückelberger
Great, thanks a lot. Very helpful, also to be able to go directly to one sequence, based on table of Content. Only some Sound Problems. Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Christoph Stückelberger, Globethics.net Geneva and University of Basel.
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