Porter Erisman

I am the director and producer of “Crocodile in the Yangtze”, an independent documentary memoir film of my nearly 10 years spent at China's Alibaba.com, when I saw the company growing from an apartment to a global company. Told from my own personal perspective, the film follows China's first Internet entrepreneur and former English teacher, Jack Ma, as he battles US giant eBay on the way to building China's first global Internet company, Alibaba Group. The film captures the successes and mistakes encountered inside a Chinese Internet startup at a time when the Internet brought China face-to-face with the West.

The film has traveled to 15 film festivals around the world garnering critical acclaim and winning the awards for "Best Documentary" at the San Francisco United Film Festival and "Best Film on Entrepreneurship" at the Silicon Valley Film Festival. In the fall of 2012 the film traveled to screenings at Stanford, Harvard, USC, Berkeley, UW, NYU, Babson, MIT and Wharton.

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