Managing Teams and Projects with Trello
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  • 5th workshop of the series "Roadmap to Success"
  • By Greg Prudhommeaux, Founder of NextStep
  • 1 hour on how to use Trello to manage teams and projects 
  • Q&A and audience interaction
  • Slides available for download (PDF)
  • ON-DEMAND: unlimited access anytime, anywhere, on any device

Workshop Overview

Some people are naturally gifted when it comes to organizing stuff. Others, however are not so lucky. It's a good thing that online tools such as Trello are now available, making it easier for project managers to organize and assign tasks to their teams.

This workshop will teach you about how you can maximize Trello's features and use it to manage tasks and increase your team's productivity and accountability.


About the Presenter, Greg Prudhommeaux   

Greg is an entrepreneur & Founder at NextStep - Workshops, an online and offline workshop platform designed to accelerate businesses and careers. NextStep provides hands-on workshops and training targeting entrepreneurs and managers. Greg has worked with OSCI (Operateurs Specialises du Commerce International), ALTIOS International, & JCEF Shanghai. He attended Colegio de Espanol y Cultura Mexican CECM
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1 Introduction
Video course icon Intro by Greg: Why This Workshop
Video course icon Quick Intro of Participants
Video course icon How Do You Get Organized? Welcome to Trello
2 Trello - The Way I Use it
Video course icon The Basics About Trello
Video course icon How I Use It to Manage My Projects -Part 1
Video course icon How I Use It to Manage My Projects -Part 2
Video course icon Customizing Your Board
3 Managing Projects
Video course icon Get on Board
Video course icon Checklist
Video course icon Accountability
Video course icon Team Work
Video course icon Due Dates
Video course icon Group Exercise - Sharing a Board
4 Going Further
Video course icon Templates
Video course icon App integration
5 Wrap up
Video course icon Summary of Benefits
Video course icon FInal Q&A

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