Maximize Your Time and Resources with The 80/20 Principle
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  • 3rd workshop of the series "Roadmap to Success"
  • By Greg Prudhommeaux, Founder of NextStep
  • 1 hour 18 min on the 80/20 principle, practical applications
  • Excercises, Q&A and audience interaction
  • Slides available for download (PDF)
  • ON-DEMAND: unlimited access anytime, anywhere, on any device

Workshop Overview

If there’s a skill you need to master as an entrepreneur, it’s the ability to maximize the use of your time and resources. How you handle your time can either become your biggest asset or your own downfall.

The Pareto Principle, commonly known as the 80/20 Rule of Time Management, is one of the most effective time management concepts. Learning to recognize tasks that will yield more results will have a positive impact in the way you handle your affairs, both in business and your personal life.

This practical workshop aims to deepen your understanding of the Pareto Principle, and show you how you can effectively use it to your advantage.


About the Presenter, Greg Prudhommeaux   

Greg is an entrepreneur & Founder at NextStep - Workshops, an online and offline workshop platform designed to accelerate businesses and careers. NextStep provides hands-on workshops and training targeting entrepreneurs and managers. Greg has worked with OSCI (Operateurs Specialises du Commerce International), ALTIOS International, & JCEF Shanghai. He attended Colegio de Espanol y Cultura Mexican CECM
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1 Introduction
Video course icon Intro by Greg: Why This Workshop
Video course icon Intro of Participants: What We Do & Why We Are Here
2 The 80/20 Principle
Video course icon What Does It Mean?
Video course icon Why It Matters To You?
3 What Should You Focus On?
Video course icon Setting Up the Excercise
Video course icon Group Discussion (Part 1)
Video course icon Group Discussion (Part 2)
4 What Are You Good At?
Video course icon Setting Up the Excercise
Video course icon Group Discussion
Video course icon How To Handle It All?
Video course icon Learn to Say 'No!'
5 Putting It All Together
Video course icon Finding External Help
Video course icon Making Choices
Video course icon Group Discussion
Video course icon Wrapping Up

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