5 Time-Tested Techniques to Validate Your Business Idea Before Going All In

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NextStep Workshops brings you Roadmap to Success: Strategic Planning for your Business Ideaa series of five workshops designed to help entrepreneurs maximize chances of success when starting their own business.  

Each of these workshop is dedicated to a time-tested tecnichque that will help you validate and plan your business idea before you decide to go all in.

Our goal is to help entrepreneurs focus on developing their business ideas: from building the foundation, to formulating the value proposition and predicting the trends in your customer’s buying behavior.

We will help you define and identify your target market, analyze your idea’s strengths and weaknesses and develop a strategy that will launch your business to success.

This bundle includeds five full workshops, 6.5 hours of content in total and 5 downloadable PDF presentations, covering critical aspects of the early life of any business venture.

All workshops are practical in nature and led by Greg Prudhommeaux, Founder of NextStep.

We assembled this series for you to save time and money and acquire this knowledge in one place, with one click.


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When you purchase a bundle, you save compared to purchasing the on-demand workshops individually

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