All too often HR and people systems are considered part of the administration function of a company, particularly in China. 

Mary Rezek urges China Country Managers and CEOs to elevate HR so that it becomes an integral part of business strategy.

The result will be higher performance from managers and more sustainable business growth. 


1. Elevate HR To A Strategic Level


''Make sure that your HR Director is a business partner, not doing just admin, not doing just the tactical stuff,'' says Mary. 

''He or she should really be with you at the table to calibrate people and strategy together, so that goals are not only achieved in the immediate, but also sustainable over the next five years.''


2. Tailor Your Team To The Objective & To Be Hands-On


''Leading is not a one size fits all. Depending on if you are doing market entry or opening up a new division of the business, you are going to have to scale up your workforce.''

''Ensure that your managers actually know how to manage. If your managers are only doing top-down delegation and protecting their space, they are actually not managing. This is one of the biggest deficits I see happening in China.'' 


3. Don't Just Say It, Do It & Show Consistency


It may be tempting for China CEOs to focus most of your time on high-level strategy and communications. Mary encourages them to actually ''walk the talk, watch your people, reward what is going well, and ensure there is direct communication all the way down.''

This means leading by example. It also entails being in close touch with all levels of staff to understand where things are going right and where there may be areas of tension or under-performance. 



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