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Beijing Foodies started three years ago and I’ve been responsible for it for over eight months now. 

The concept is good friends getting together over good food for a good cause. It’s every month at a different restaurant and it supports a different charity each time. 

We target new upcoming restaurants that are willing to host a massive group of 50 to 100 foodies on a Sunday night and give us a good deal. The meal is only RMB 100 per person and att the end of the meal, when envelopes are distributed and everyone’s anonymously donating, guests can be a little more generous knowing they got a great meal at a good price. 

Every month I pick a different restaurant and work with the chefs to create a new menu. 

It's a terrific feeling to be able to tell them that I'm bringing in a large group before they even officially open, because if it’s good, these foodies will spread the word and raise visibility for the restaurant. 

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