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I started LumDimSum four years ago and it’s my dedicated platform to talk about up and coming new restaurants and bars in Beijing. Things that I would want to know about living in Beijing. It’s very casual, a labor of love for me. 

One of the benefits for me is that now, instead of being just an observer or someone who just eats, pays and leaves, I have a purpose when I go out and experience new restaurants. When I show up I’m there with my camera, sometimes even with a light box if I know in advance that the place is dimly lit, I'm writing notes and thoughts as I first taste dishes.

It brings the experience to a new level. I’m not just a passive participant anymore - I’m there to document it so that others can share and learn from it. 

It really keeps me on my toes. Thanks to the website, I push myself to really be on top of what’s happening in Beijing. I don’t let the days go by where I’m just going to the same restaurant or order take-away. Instead, I’m actively attending restaurant openings or even getting the scoop before it opens. 

Some of my posts have helped business owners after people read my blog and go to the restaurant specifically to request a particular dish or drink. It’s been good in that sense, knowing that just a little bit of my time is able to make a positive difference in someone else’s business.

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