Navigating China's Employment Market
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  • Larry Wang is Founder & CEO of Wang & Li Asia Resources and has 20+ years of recruiting experience on-the-ground in China
  • A HULT Career Development Event, in Shanghai
  • Tips and insights for navigating the market
  • Q&A with audience interaction
  • Practical advice for International MBA students
  • 49 minutes, 6 videos in HD/SD fromat
  • Slides available for download (PDF)
  • Unlimited access anytime, anywhere, on any device

Event Overview

Working in China can be an alluring idea for many international executives, but navigating the market and landing the right job are easier said than done. 

In this event, Larry Wang shares recommendations based on the latest trends and best practices for leading a successful career in China. His presentation is followed by an interactive Q&A session with the audience.

Larry Wang, Founder & CEO, Wang & Li Asia Resources

Larry Wang has over 20 years of recruiting experience in China. He is the author of career development books for China, including The New Gold Mountain, Know The Game, Play The Game and How To Develop Yourself As A Future Executive, Today (or How To DYFET). Larry graduated with an MBA from UCLA's Anderson School of Management and has a BS from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Wang & Li Asia Resources is a recruitment firm which places top bilingual/international-caliber talent into industry-leading multinational and Chinese companies in China.

Questions addressed during this event:

1) Why are SMEs a viable option for international talents?

2) How to work with recruiters?

3) How best to use LinkedIn for job search?

4) How to approach target companies?

5) Is the final hiring decision usually made based on technical or soft skills?

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1 Presentation
Video course icon Introduction and Backgound
Video course icon Key Realities and Trends in Today's Recruitment Market
Video course icon Where to Find Opportunities
Video course icon Essential Characteristics to Compete and Succeed
2 Q&A with the Audience
Video course icon On SMEs, working with recruiters, and more
Video course icon On LinkedIn, how to approach, Chinese talents, soft skills, and more

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