SimilarWeb: Uncovering Data Driven Strategies For eCommerce Marketing
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  • Webinar brought to you by SimilarWeb for the Getting to Global series
  • Based on a real UK retail market case study
  • Advice for gaining onling marketing advantages via search, mobile and more
  • On-demand: Unlimited viewing on any device

Webinar Overview

The potential of eCommerce is colossal but competition is intense.

What if you could create a competitive advantage with smart data?

Watch this webinar by SimilarWeb to understand marketing strategies behind eCommerce industry leaders in the UK like Asos, Next, and H&M, using SimilarWeb data.

This webinar will show you how to:

  • Gain insight into your competitors’ keyword strategies
  • Discover how to find out what products are trending in the industry
  • Re-direct traffic from your competitors through affiliates and organic search channels
  • Understand user behaviour in the mobile and app world

Presentation by:  

Ariel Rosenstein, Senior Director, Corporate Marketing, SimilarWeb

Ari spent the last decade working in ad-tech before jumping over to Kenshoo where he launched their marketing activities. He also led marketing efforts for Adquant, a Facebook Ad platform, making it a Top 10 Facebook OMD prior to its acquisition by Kenshoo.

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Video course icon Keyword Market Share; Image Search; Industry Trends
3 Referral & Organic
Video course icon Measuring Competitor Success; Affiliates; Growing Abroad
4 Mobile & App Store Optimization
Video course icon Mobile Web: Optimizing Your Funnel
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Video course icon Industry Deep Dives; Traffic Within Apps
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