How To Sell Online To Japan With Rakuten
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  • Presented by the US Commercial Service e-Commerce Innovation Center
  • Meet the Rakuten USA CEO, Directors of Business Development and Marketing
  • Get practical advice and examples to understand how Rakuten works
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Case Study Overview

Are you interested to sell to Japanese consumers but unsure where to start? 

Rakuten can help you.

Based in Tokyo, Rakuten offers e-Commerce solutions to US merchants and has 200 English-speaking staff working in the US to facilitate your exports to the Japanese market. 

This tutorial is brought to you by the US Commerical Service's e-Commerce Innovation Center in Silicon Valley. It's part of their Getting to Global informational series which promotes US SME growth and exports. 

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1 Welcome to Rakuten US Headquarters
Video course icon With Joshua Halpern, Director, e-Commerce Innovation Lab, US Dept of Commerce
2 Why Rakuten?
Video course icon With Hiroshi Nakata, Chief Representative, Rakuten USA
3 Marketing Your Products
Video course icon With Freddy Nagano, Marketing Consultant
4 How It Works
Video course icon With Reed Wegner, Director, Business Development
5 Main Challenges
Video course icon With Reed Wegner, Director, Business Development

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