Frequently Asked Questions


What does Prodygia do?

We partner with organizations to create on-demand solutions which capture, curate and deliver content online to their communities and beyond.

What do you mean by on-demand?

The ability to get instant access to premium content from anywhere on any device.

What type of content do you offer?

We focus on topics related to business, entrepreneurship, tech and culture.

On Prodygia you'll find a range of formats, from free video interviews and articles, to online courses and on-demand events.

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How is the content different?

It’s co-produced with our partners in a way that’s targeted and practical.

You’ll find that content is country-specific and reflects the expertise of practitioners on-the-ground with significant experience in a local market.

We also curate content, which means we make it easy to consume for busy people like you.

Why do you focus on content about China?

It’s our niche to begin with.

Many of us in the West are attracted by the Chinese market but don’t know where to turn to for hands-on information about what it takes to enter or grow a business there.

Prodygia’s founders have spent decades in China and gone through the process. They’re building the solution they wish they had when they first arrived.

The platform is expanding and becoming more global, so over time you’ll find content from more areas.


Why do I see free and Premium content on the site?

Free content is for users to sample and share at any time.

Premium content requires payment for access because it’s more in-depth, structured, and may include downloadable materials.

What is an on-demand event?

It's an event that took place offline and has been recorded, edited and packaged to make it available online, anytime, from any device. You can also download the presentations and watch the Q&A sessions.

What is the value of your on-demand event?

You can still catch the event even if you weren’t able to attend in person. You can watch speakers' presentations and download their slides.

And even if you attended the event in person, you can keep the content as great reference and refer back to anytime.

What is an online course?

An online course gives you instant access to structured content delivered by experienced practitioners.

Our courses are produced in a way that's succinct to give you what you need to know on a topic in a reasonable timeframe.

The length of courses can range from one hour to several.

What is the value of your online courses?

If you were to reach out to the experts who have online courses on Prodygia on your own, it would cost you significantly more time and money to engage and learn from them. Plus, you may not even know where to find them.

Here we’ve done the work for you.

Do you offer free previews on courses?

Yes. Look for clips highlighted as free previews on course pages.

Viewing them does not require sign up.

What do I get by signing up as a Member?

When you sign up as a Member, you become part of our growing community.

You'll get access to discount offers and can personalize your experience on the site via your dashboard.

In order to access Premium content you’ll be asked to register for a Member account. It’s free, quick and easy.

How do I pay for Premium content?

Via PayPal or credit card with Stripe, one of the best and most secure payment systems available online.

We never see your bank details and you’ll receive an electronic invoice upon payment.

Contact us at if you have specific questions.

For how long do I get access once I have paid?

Unlimited. You can go back to refresh your learnings anytime.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. Sign up to the site and to our newsletter to receive news about promotions and discount codes.

You can also contact for details about corporate deals.

Do you have a guarantee?

We offer a 7-day money back guarantee on most courses.

Just email us at within 7 days and we'll refund your money, no questions asked (A small transaction fee may apply if charged by PayPal or Stripe).

Can I download materials?

Yes, where available. Just check the course or event overviews to see whether accompanying materials like a PDF presentation or summary slides are included.

You can’t download videos, though.

I like your content, can I become an affiliate?

Yes, click here for more details on how to become a Prodygia affiliate.


I represent an organization - what can Prodygia do for us?

Write to with basic information about your organization and potential needs.

We’ll get back to you within 1-2 days.

I liked a specific premium content - is it possible to license it?

Yes, in principle.

Contact for details about licensing models.


I'm experiencing some technical issues - whom do I contact?

Get in touch with our tech support at

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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