China often fascinates and confuses at the same time.

Western mass media tend to cover the same 1% hot button topics, leaving out the 99% which really matter if one wants to truly understand its people.

The goal of China Simplified is to make the country and culture more accessible for a busy world. Stewart Lee Beck shares details about the project, its origins and goals. 

Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

''The 1% of headlines and hype about China, the limited number of conversations that are in the media, tend to dominate.''

"The other 99% -- what people in China are like, what it is like to live here, that the Chinese are essentially humans like everybody else, they have their own perspective on things which comes from an incredible 4-5000 year history and culture, plus 80 dialects that have led some linguists to say there are some 300 living languages within the borders of this country -- most often goes unreported.''

''There is an incredible depth to know,'' says Stewart, ''which explains why it is intimidating, why people aren’t able to get into the 99% of the real China.'' 

Why China Simplified


''On our blog, we look at a variety of areas that have to do with Chinese culture.'

'First and foremost the language. What is interesting about the language and what does it tell us about the people and culture? Then history, looking at the pivotal moments in history and the iconic characters. Also elements that will tell you something about China today and what is helpful to know in terms of understanding the people, how to do business here, how to interact with a Chinese traveller.''

''We want to convey these to people outside of China in a time-friendly, engaging format that respects the fact that everyone is busy these days.''

''Our main objective is helping people to start out, get a basic understanding, and take them into that 99% so they really understand what is going on here.'' 

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