Why Chinese And Westerners Think And Act Differently At Work


  • Frank Gallo is a former China CEO of Watson Wyatt with 14 years experience leading and advising in China, as well as author of the best-selling book 'Business Leadership in China'
  • Part I in a series of online courses about managing teams in China
  • 30 HD/SD videos
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Course Overview


  • Compare Western and Chinese cultural references
  • Identify unique Chinese management traits
  • Understand guiding principles which influence decision-making

'''When I came to China, it was as CEO of a large multinational firm. I thought it was going to be an easy job, but it didn't take me long to realize how the integration of Chinese culture made some of the things that we do automatically in the West very different in China.''

-- Frank Gallo, Founder & CEO, Calypso Consulting

In this course Frank Gallo offers background insights on the cultural factors which define Chinese management traits. The second course  then presents practical tips for Western professional to manage performance, motivate and retain Chinese staff.

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The content was drawn from research and interviews Frank Gallo did for acclaimed book Business Leadership in China. Like this course, the book is among the few and precious resources for international managers who want to better understand how to blend the best practices of Western management with traditional Chinese wisdom.


We offer a 7-day money back guarantee on this course - no questions asked.

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1 Introduction
Video course icon Course Outline
Video course icon Western & Chinese: A Caveat
2 Cultural Foundations of Western Managers
Video course icon Equality: Is Everyone Created Equal?
Video course icon Independence: I Am My Own Person
Video course icon Freedom: Different Interpretations
Video course icon Individualism
Video course icon Risk-Taking: Failure Not An Option
Video course icon Trust in Others: Glass Half Full Or Empty?
3 Cultural Foundations of Chinese Managers
Video course icon Confucianism: The Need for Hierarchy
Video course icon Daoism: The 'Way' To Leadership
Video course icon Buddhism: The Inner Light
Video course icon The Importance of Ancient and Modern Sayings
Video course icon Integrating Western Culture
4 Chinese Management Traits
Video course icon Collectivist: There Is No 'I' In Team
Video course icon Internally Focused: What Have I Done To Impact This Situation?
Video course icon Attention to the Family and Small Group
Video course icon Caution: When to Play Your Pieces
Video course icon Courtesy with Chinese Characteristics
Video course icon Respect for Order: Everyone Has A Defined Place
5 Special Chinese Management Characteristics
Video course icon What Makes Chinese Managers Unique
Video course icon Wu (悟): Very Deep Insights
Video course icon Zhong Yong (中庸): Getting Things Just Right
Video course icon Patriotism: A Business Exists for China
Video course icon Integrating Western Best Practice with Chinese Wisdom
Video course icon Indirectness: Going Around vs. Going Straight
6 Frequently Asked Questions & Wrap Up
Video course icon Question #1 - How much time does it take to be a successful leader in China?
Video course icon Question #2 - How about geographic and demographic differences in the Chinese workforce?
Video course icon Question #3 - Why do we need management training in China?
Video course icon Summary

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