Soft Skills To Master in China Bundle

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Bundle Overview

Whether you want to make a good impression when meeting Chinese people for the first time, negotiate with Chinese counterparts to achieve a business goal, or manage teams of Chinese employees, there are cultural sensitivities which you ought to acquire in order to be at your best in those situations.

This series features five full courses, 5.5 hours in total, led by the Founder of Institute Sarita, the Founder of ChinaSolved, and a former China CEO of Watson Wyatt. 

You'll benefit from strategic and hands-on knowledge which they usually advise C-suite executives with. Courses include case studies and anecdotes to illustrate concepts. 

Prodygia assembled this series for you to save time and money and acquire this knowledge in one place.


*US$245 ► US$160 
When you purchase a bundle, you save compared to purchasing the courses individually

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What's in this bundle:

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